Your wedding day should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of, the stunning gown, the gorgeous flowers, your friends standing beside you when you take your vows, and loving family watching you both take the next step in your journey together.

This is the most important day of your life at the time. It is my mission as a Marriage Celebrant to make sure that your ceremony is everything you want it to be. You may want it to be traditional, or intimate, you may also want some fun injected into the ceremony. Be assured that I can help to make those desires become a reality. Your ceremony will be uniquely yours no matter what style you choose.

Your ceremony is a statement about the love that you both share and should reflect that and the reasons why you have chosen each other as life partners, after all your wedding day marks a huge turning point in your life, it’s one of the most personal and precious moments you will share. Together we’ll get it right and create some beautiful memories.


Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony. However, it is still a very real commitment undertaken by two people, regardless of gender who wish to proclaim their love and devotion to each other publicly in front of their family and friends.

Commitment ceremonies are performed for many reasons by two people who love and care for each other, there may be circumstances involved why they can not or do not wish to become legally wed. The commitment ceremony is the perfect way to declare their love for one another.

I can write a lovely and personal ceremony for each couple and perform it at the location of your choice. I will also present each couple with a beautiful Certificate of Commitment at the conclusion of the ceremony.


Renewal of Vows Ceremony (also known as Re-affirmation of Vows)

There are no legal implications relating to this ceremony.

This ceremony is for couples who are already married but wish to “renew the vows” they took on their wedding day.

More often than not these ceremonies are performed on an anniversary of significance such as 10th, 20th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. Often couples like to incorporate their original vows into the ceremony and sometimes even the original wedding party is reformed for this special day, favourite songs are played, which will often bring laughter to your younger guests and a lot of reminiscing is had by all.

This ceremony can be written encompassing as much of your original ceremony as you wish or you may want something completely different. No matter what your choice I can assist you to put together something very personal and very special.

Naming Day Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are delightful occasions where parents who do not wish to have a religious ceremony but have chosen to have a “Naming Giving Ceremony”.

Some parents choose to do this soon after the birth of their child but increasingly it’s performed on the child’s 1st birthday. Sometimes other children will be named at the same time (if not named when they were younger). Age is not an important factor for this ceremony.

This is the occasion where many parents express their joy and hopes for their child. There also may be a special reason or meaning behind the name that they have chosen for their child. This is the time when those reasons will be explained.

I have a selection of ceremonies to choose from but you may have ideas of your own. Your input is vital and important when putting together this ceremony. You may choose to write verses, which can be read at the ceremony by a valued family member or friend or perhaps the person you have chosen to be Guardian/Godparent or a Grandparent.

I will also present you with a beautiful Naming Certificate at the conclusion of the ceremony.